Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Couple of Things That We See More Clearly

Life is precious. Life is a gift.

Abigail's life has made such an enormous impression upon us. Don't misunderstand, we have always valued life because God is the Creator of life. But there is something about watching a child that really makes you thankful for life - thankful for her life and thankful for your own as you experience life together. Her life was fragile from the beginning - as that precious newborn baby girl that was placed in an orphanage. Only a few short months ago, Abby laid in a bed in a room of an orphanage. And now we enjoy her smile and her laughter. Her tender heart inspires us. She is vibrant and full of life! What a blessing and a privilege it is to raise her. We often wonder why God chose us to parent her. But oh, how grateful we are that He did in fact choose us!

A family is a gift that we often take for granted.

God did a wonderful thing when He designed the family! We all need one and we all want one. Watching Abby grow in understanding of her family is amazing. There is indescribable joy in her face as she identifies grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins and all of the greats among those. She absolutely LOVES having a family. I remember conversations before she came home in which people would ask if we knew whether she had been asked if she wanted to be adopted and if she knew the longing for a family. I can say without a doubt now that she most assuredly wanted to be adopted - she longed for a family. And as I think about that, I realize that there are millions more sons and daughters that are longing for their families - and that thought breaks my heart. As I see the pure joy in Abby's smile and the glow in her eyes as she talks about different family members that she has already come to love, I realize the gift of a family.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I Have a Family...

There is a song on the Signing Time dvd Family, Feelings & Fun that the 3 of us have come to love. It is all about having a family - a "family full of people who love me and take care of me." What a precious gift a family really is! We hope you enjoy a few glimpses of our family.

Abby with her Aunt Crystal at a Christmas party.

Abigail with her Uncle Casey just a day after they had met.

Abby and her BaBa on the day that they completely bonded:)

Abigail sharing raisins with her great-great-grandma (we call her Mimmie)
on the day they first met.

There are so many things that the LORD has taught us so far through Abby - so many things that we see so much more clearly now. We know that there are so many more things for us to learn, and we wait expectantly with great JOY!