Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pre-Approval (PA)

This should be a short post - just a little update.
Last week was our Vacation Bible School - it was a blast! Our modem/router went out that Wednesday evening. So, we were disconnected from the world - not really, but isn't it strange how it feels like that without the internet now??? Anyway, we had to travel to Mesquite to track down a new one, and didn't get it up and running until about 45 minutes before time for VBS to start. We opened our email to find a lovely message from our FC at AWAA!

On Thursday June 11th we received Pre-Approval from the CCAA's Special Needs Department!

"The PA is issued electronically once the information from the Electronic Acceptance has been reviewed and approved by the CCAA’s Special Needs Department.
Once the CCAA has fully reviewed your Dossier and application to adopt a specific child they will issue the Referral Acceptance (RA). How quickly the PA was received has no relation to how long it will take to issue your RA.
Because your family’s dossier has not been reviewed by the CCAA, current trends indicate your RA can arrive 3-5 months from the day your EA was submitted. Please note this is based on recent trends and is not an official timeframe given by the CCAA. This is subject to change at any time.
Please remember that once you have received your Referral Acceptance (RA), you are welcome to send a care package to your child. "

One more step toward bringing her home!!! We can't wait to get that RA and send her a care package! Our specific prayer requests at this point are:
- ability to learn and retain some Chinese
- breakdown communications barriers between her and us
- wisdom in discipline and care for her
- the Lord to prepare her to become part of our family...take away any fears and comfort her in her sadness of leaving behind all she has known
- the Father's continued financial provision
- that we can travel to bring her home ASAP

We have sooo much to do in paperwork and just getting her room prepared - it's a bit overwhelming at times! Just do the next thing, right? Thank you once again for your interest and your prayers.