Thursday, June 19, 2008

2 Cats & 2 Dogs

We once were a 1 cat family. Then, Cali needed a friend. She really did need one. She was horribly miserable when we would leave her home alone. I'm sure that anyone that would feed her while we would be away thought we were the worst cat owners alive. So, we found Yoda (don't let the name mislead you she's a girl too)- and now Cali is definitely not lonely when we go away for awhile. They're both happy and content as long as we leave what we call "the buffet" out for them.

In January 0f 2006 we stopped to look at some lab puppies in Greenville. They were adorable, but $150 each. So, we went home without a puppy. About a week later, Monte called this same owner - they still had 2 or 3 left. We went back the next Saturday. I held Lucy, she wagged her tail, and we had ourselves a lab puppy for $100.

Presently, about a month ago Lucy found a whiny pup hiding in our bushes. We had to coax her out. She was badly injured on one side of her little body. We couldn't just leave her. So, we made an appointment with the vet. He said she had a very bad chemical burn. He also said that she would most likely have a complete recovery, and the financial damage would not be too bad. She looked like a german shepherd - about 4 months old. So, with vet bill in hand we had a new addition - finally a real friend for Lu, the cats aren't too friendly with her!?! All that to say her name is Ginger, and she is now a happy growing german shepherd puppy!

We've got amazing parents! My dad came out and built us a fence for these 2 rambunctious dogs. They love it, and so do we!?! We're praying Abigail doesn't having any allergies to dogs or cats, but at least now the dogs can be outside most of the time. For now, Monte has to live with a house full of females!?!