Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SIMPLE Language for Adoptive Familes

We received an email today from the creator of Simple (fill in the blank w/the language you want to learn) for Adoptive Families. She was asking for help in letting other families know about their product. So, here is our review: we loved it! It comes with an audio cd and spiral bound booklet. We ordered the Mandarin set, and it has been very helpful in learning key phrases that you might need to communicate with a child of any age. We did, however, learn a few months into our using it that Abigail speaks Cantonese in her region of China. She is taught Mandarin (it is the official language of China) when she goes to school - which could be now - not sure at what age they begin teaching them. We still think what we have learned will be helpful and would highly recommend this resource for any adoptive family that wants to learn some phrases in their child's language. There is a good variety of languages available. Go here

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A family recently had to return home without their daughter. Please go here to learn more about their struggle, PRAY, and get involved. There are links to petitions and contacting senators and representatives on their site. The following link is of their good-bye to their daughter in China. I share it with you because the bond she already has for her bahbah (daddy) is so real - only a Heavenly Father can put a family together like that. Please go, listen & watch, and most importantly PRAY that Harper and other children are brought back to their families very soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just an Update on the Waiting

Yep, we're still waiting for that RA(Referral Approval) from China. We've been hard at work preparing her room and homeschooling materials. We should be ready to paint her room next week!
We know that some RAs have come in for AWAA families over the past few days, but we haven't received a call yet. We've also read that TA (Travel Approval) has slowed down - so most of these families receiving RA will not travel until mid-October. Let's PRAY that it's a lot sooner than that!

Oh, and another nifty thing going on in this Weaver home is media fasting for the month of August. Apparently every year FamilyLife challenges their staff families and listeners to fast from t.v., movies, video games, and the like. We've done things like this before and it's really pretty cool - we're actually reading some books in the massive collection we have accumulated! We do have limited time for internet use - obviously since I'm posting : )